NEW! The Rani Pavada Jacket


NEW! The Rani Pavada Jacket


Rani is the Sanskrit word for “queen,” and “rani pink” is a popular choice throughout the Indian subcontinent. But we didn’t just name this Pavadai Jacket in honor of this eye-pleasing, crowd favorite color—but rather to shine a spotlight on the queens of India’s past. Razia Sultana, the first female sultan; Lakshmibai, warrior-queen of Jhansi; Keladi Chennamma, known as “the pepper queen”; and Sethu Lakshmi Bayi, social reformer of Travancore are just a few of the little-known historical figures worth learning more about.

Pavadai Jacket is a common attire for young girls in Tamil Nadu and other parts of South India. It is also called Pattu Pavadai, from the Tamil words for “silk” and “long skirt”—and sometimes simply called pavadai. Although traditionally made only out of silk, the modern versions of Pavadai are made from a kaleidoscope of fabrics—cotton, silk, synthetics—and come in both matching and contrasting styles. Whatever the fabric or style, a pavadai is a popular, comfortable and elegant garment for any occasion from play to parties.

This Rani Pavadai Jacket was upcycled from a lightweight cotton sari. Our Artisan Partner added a thin braided gold border to the lined skirt as an extra touch of royalty to this “queen pink” gown.

Each Pavadai Jacket is accompanied by a handmade doll-sized booklet to help kids learn more about the background of the outfit. There is even a little Indian language lesson for them to enjoy!

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WARNING: Because this outfit includes snaps, it is not suitable for use in unsupervised play by children under age 5.

This garment consists of two pieces: the pavadai (long gathered skirt with thin strapped bodice) and the jacket (loose blouse worn on top of the pavadai). It was tailored to fit beautifully on a variety of 18” dolls including American Girl, My Life As, Ikuzi, Madame Alexander, and Our Generation. It also works great with a variety of soft-stuffed rag dolls. To know if this garment will fit well on your doll, please refer to the measurements below: 


  • Length: 14” / 35.5 cm (from shoulder to bottom hem). 

  • Waist circumference 10.5” / 26.5 cm

  • Shoulder strap/arm hole: 5” / ~13cm (fits loosely at base of arm near shoulder)

  • Skirt circumference at hemline: 26” / 66 cms (skirt) 18” / ~ 35 cms (underskirt)


  • Length: 6” / ~15 cm (from shoulder to bottom hem).

  • Neck circumference: 8”

  • Arm hole circumference: 4”

  • Bust: 11.5” / 29cm 


To ensure this garment continues to fit your doll and look great, handwash it in delicate detergent and warm water and air dry on a flat surface. When needed, press with an iron heated to the Polyester setting.


+ This garment was machine sewn with sew-all rPET thread by Gutermann. We love this thread!

+ To prevent fraying, and increase the lifespan of the garment, all raw edges were finished with zigzag stitch or serging.

+ We always sew with pre-washed fabrics. We know this takes away that “like new” shine from the fabrics. But we do it to reduce our artisan’s exposure to chemicals when handling the fabric, and to minimize the possibility of the finished product shrinking when you wash it.  

+ This garment was sewn in the home of an Artisan Partner in Australia (NRI). 

+ This garment has been around the world and back, but we want it to come to you as fresh and clean as a rain-washed morning. That’s why each Artisan Partner-made piece is first hand-washed with gentle soap, rinsed in warm lavender/thyme water, and dried in the sun and wind at Seekna HQ before we list it in our shop. 

+ The pattern for this pavadai jacket was developed for Born Global by Phyllis Robson in 2018.


If you are not fully satisfied with this product, our return policy allows you to receive a full refund of your purchased amount (including taxes and shipping, where applicable), if you contact us to request a refund and return the item within 30 days of your purchase. We will initiate the refund once we receive the returned item(s), and you should receive the refunded amount back to your account within 5 business days.