NEW! The Blink 2-in-1 Kurta

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ALC14KJ193192 main photo.jpg
ALC14KJ193192 photo.jpg
ALC14KJ193192 side 1.jpg
ALC14KJ193192 side 2.jpg

NEW! The Blink 2-in-1 Kurta


What’s your favorite color--blue or pink? If you love them both equally, then this hand-stitched, reversible kurta is for you! It’s blue on one side, and pink on the other. Blue + Pink = Blink!

The Blink 2-in-1 Kurta was hand-sewn by Born Global Artisan Partners in India from upcycled block-printed cotton bedsheets. Each side of this reversible kurta is an eye-catching display of geometric patterns block-printed in shades of blue, pink and contrast colors.

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Make a trendy Indian look for your doll by pairing this reversible kurta with any of Born Global’s Small but Mighty churidars or Shades of Indigo palazzos. Or, combine the kurta with some of your doll’s existing Western wardrobe for an Asian-fusion look. Either way, your doll will look great and you can feel great—knowing that your purchase blesses Born Global Artisan Partners with Joyful Vocation, Fair Wages, and Home-Based Employment!

NOTE: clothesline and clothespins are for display only and are not included with purchase.


+ This kurta has snaps for fasteners, and is therefore not suitable for use in unsupervised play by children under age 5.

+ This kurta is designed to fit nicely on any Hearts 4 Hearts Doll. If your doll is a 14” doll of a different variety, refer to the garment measurements below to get a sense of how it will fit:

  • Arm Circumference: 2”

  • Bust Circumference: 7”

  • Length: 7”

+ All The Blink 2-in-1 Kurtas were cut from the same cloth, but were made by 7 different women. Just like their creators, no two kurtas are alike—but they are all beautiful. The kurta you receive will be similar to the piece in the photo, but there will be creative variations. If you are not satisfied with the item you receive, you can contact us to exchange it for a different piece or to get a full refund. (See return policy below.) 


To ensure this clothing continues to fit your doll and look great, wash on gentle cycle in cold water and air dry on a flat surface. When needed, press with an iron heated to the Cotton setting.


+ The Blink 2-in-1 Kurtas were hand stitched with the super strong and earth friendly sew-all rPET thread by Gutermann

+ We always sew with pre-washed fabrics. We know this takes away that “like new” shine from the fabrics. But we do it to reduce our artisan’s exposure to chemicals when handling the fabric, and to minimize the possibility of the finished product shrinking when you wash it.  

+ These kurtas were hand-sewn in the homes of our Artisan Partners in India. Each woman took care to sew them in a clean, hygienic environment and kept the finished pieces stored in air-tight bags to protect them from odors, dust, and other contaminants. 

+ These kurtas have been around the world, but we want them to come to you as fresh and clean as a rain-washed sunrise. That’s why each Artisan Partner-made piece is first hand-washed with gentle soap, rinsed in warm lavender/thyme water, and dried in the sun and wind before we list it in our shop. 

+ The pattern for these 2-in-1 reversible kurtas was developed by Amy Sharp and Moriah Sharp in 2018, and is the property of Seekna Company LLC.


If you are not fully satisfied with this product, our return policy allows you to receive a full refund of your purchased amount (including taxes and shipping, where applicable), if you contact us to request a refund and return the item within 30 days of your purchase. We will initiate the refund once we receive the returned item(s), and you should receive the refunded amount back to your account within 5 business days.