I Am Indian Cotton - Small Classroom Bundle (10 copies)


I Am Indian Cotton - Small Classroom Bundle (10 copies)


This Born Global listing is for a small classroom bundle, which includes:

  • 10 books

  • 1 cotton boll

  • 5 grams of handpicked North Carolina cotton (with seeds)

  • Wonder Lesson PDF download

NOTE: Due to the presence of plant matter in this bundle and the restriction of import/export laws, we are unable to ship our classroom bundles internationally. International teachers interested in getting large quantities of our books should contact us for special bulk pricing.

A coveted commodity since ancient times.

A controversial cloth in recent history.

Hear Indian cotton tell its own tale.

I Am Indian Cotton is the first in a series of books that describe Indian fabrics and fashions as if from the perspectives of those fabrics and fashions. As Indian cotton briefly recounts its fascinating 5000 year history, it touches on events, people, places, and ideas that will get all ages wondering.

We made our Born Global books to ignite curiosity in their readers and listeners. They are little springboards, launching us into depths of inquiry and discovery.

Wondering: a wonderful place to begin the journey of inquiry!

Younger readers might wonder:

  • My t-shirt is made from a fruit? Cool! What are other clothes made out of?

  • Who was Pliny the Elder? (And was there a Pliny the Younger?)

  • What’s an export?

  • Is it hard work to grow cotton?

Older readers might wonder:

  • What do farmers do to keep cotton plants healthy and safe?

  • How do countries decide whether to export a commodity or keep it for their own use?

  • Why did England “force” India to buy back the cloth made from Indian-grown cotton?

  • How did England do that? Do other countries do anything like that today? Which ones? Why?

  • I never imagined that something as simple as cotton could be at the center of two historical conflicts! I wonder what commodities are at the center of current conflicts? Is cotton still controversial?

  • Is cotton cultivated the same way in Indian and the USA?

This little book features:

  • 22 glossy heavyweight pages

  • 4” x 4” for easy holding

  • Vibrant ink and watercolor illustrations

  • Glossary of unfamiliar words

  • Good for ages 10+, or as a “read to me” book for ages 5-9

Making an impact:

Purchasing this book helps kids in rural parts of India “learn to read and read to learn” in 3 languages that will help them flourish in life. 10% of every Born Gobal book purchase is donated to the Tri-Lingual Book (TLB) Project of AVM Public Charitable Trust (one of Seekna’s clients and partners in India). Through their TLB project, AVM helps villages create contextualized books for their children in their heritage language or mother tongue, their regional language, and English.

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