Other Professional Services

(prices vary)

Through our strategic collaborations with our partners, we can also provide you with additional professional services such as:

  • Editing and Proofreading: We make sure your educational materials communicate clearly to your target audience and are error-free, allowing you to focus on creating the content. (Editing fee $25 per 1000 words; proofreading fee $10 per 1000 words).

  • Indian Language Services: We make your resources useful to more people through:

    • Translation

    • Editing and proofreading

    • Graphic design/layout services

  • Custom Illustrations: We make your learning resources come alive, or make your learning materials accessible to pre-literate learners.

  • Slideshow Presentation Design: You supply the raw information that you want to express in your slideshow, and receive back from us an engaging slideshow ready for presentation in your class, workshop, or online (along with tips for how to use the slideshow strategically for maximum impact in your learning event).

  • Learning Event Videography: Capture live learning events (classes, workshops, etc.) for future use in online or mobile learning solutions.