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Meet Our Clients

Seekna Company helps education "engineers" develop and deliver excellent learning experiences.

Our clients are typically involved in non-traditional learning environments—homeschool, home-based tutoring, adult education, workplace-based professional development, online learning, rural learning centers, community based literacy programs, etc. But we do also serve clients involved in delivering learning experiences in more traditional settings like classrooms.

The majority of our clients are involved in various forms of adult education and professional development, but we do also serve some clients involved in children’s education.

We provide tailored consulting services to a variety of clients. Our past and current clients include:

  • Homeschool consultants

  • Language arts consultants

  • Home-based foreign language tutors

  • A social work internship program

  • Teacher training and curriculum publishing company

  • Training school for language development workers

  • Language learners

  • Sewing instructors

  • Rural learning centers

Examples of clients and the services we have provided for them:

  • Do-It-Yourself blog writer: Seekna Company edited their online content to make sure people could easily use it to learn how to do new DIY projects.

  • Homeschool blog writer: Seekna Company edited and proofread their blog entries to ensure the readers could easily read and understand them.

  • Sewing tutor: Seekna Company helped her plan, develop, and improve her curriculum for different sewing classes and modules.

  • Language arts tutor: Seekna Company helped her plan, structure, and improve her curriculum and lesson plans for different language arts modules and workshops.

  • Several Indian-based non-profits: Seekna Company developed specialized English curricula (focused on reading and writing skills) and conducted intensive workshops to implement these curricula.

  • Private schools in India: Seekna Company developed a specialized English curriculum for private school teachers (focused on improving spoken fluency and learning new teaching methods), and conducted intensive workshops to implement the curriculum.

  • Social work intern training program: Seekna Company conducted an evaluation of the training program to assess whether the intended learning outcomes were happening or not. Over 2 weeks, a Seekna Company consultant held more than a dozen meetings with interns, teachers, and community members to discover what impact the training was having. (Interviews and meetings were conducted in Hindi and English.) A detailed report (in English) was prepared and presented to the client. In addition to providing the client's funding foundation with the external review they required, this evaluation report has been a useful "compass" for the client that has helped them chart their decisions and programming for several years after the evaluation.