Consulting Services

General Consulting Services

($25 for every 2 hours, unless otherwise mentioned)

  • Idea Implementation: we help visionary educators navigate through the squiggle from idea to reality—helping you chart a course forward to implementation.

  • Curriculum Development: we help you to develop curriculum that focuses on the end goals and learning outcomes you desire, weaving together the best resources, methods, and activities for you to achieve those goals. We help you begin with the end in mind.

  • Learning Remodeling: We review an existing learning experience and identify ways it can be improved for greater impact.

  • Troubleshooting: We help identify what’s going wrong and get you back on track when a learning experience is not going how you hoped.

  • Impact Evaluation: We assemble suitable assessment tools, or use the tools you already have in place to conduct an on-site evaluation of the learning outcomes of your training program. You will receive an Impact Evaluation Report from us at the end of the process. Some non-profit clients need to submit this to their grant funders as an external evaluation, while others wish to gain insights from their learners on where learning is or isn't happening and how to improve in the future.

Language Related Consulting Services

($25 per two hours, unless otherwise mentioned)

  • Workplace English Curriculum Creation: We create custom English learning curriculum that can help people in your organization do their jobs better. Our curriculum creation services start with a site survey, needs analysis, supervisor interview, and job shadowing to identify the unique learning objectives of your staff. Then we tailor an English learning curriculum that moves them toward those goals and fits within the schedule you give us. Curriculum focus might be on any of the following skills: reading comprehension, pronunciation, professional writing, presentational speaking, listening comprehension, or speaking fluency. The end product is a “turn-key” curriculum ready for you to teach from.

  • Workplace English Workshops: For clients who don’t have trained staff available to implement the Seekna Company-created curriculum, Seekna Company consultants come to your workplace and implement the curriculum—sometimes in intensive workshops, sometimes in short sessions fit into the workday. Seekna Company typically provides this workshop service for a limited time frame—just long enough to train some of the client’s staff in how to implement the curriculum in the future. (Cost depends on number of participants and length of workshop.)