The newest addition to our Born Global family of products, these palm-sized autobiographies tell the tales of India’s beautiful fabrics. This series of little books has only one goal: to fill the reader with wonder, and get them curious to learn more.

Whether read alone, shared with a friend (or a doll), or used in the classroom, these books are sure to leave their readers (or listeners) curious to know more. 

We have carefully written, edited, and tested these books to ensure they spark curiosity without causing confusion. The personable narrative voice and illuminating illustrations will engage readers and listeners as young as 7.

These books pair well with Born Global doll clothes—the clothes create questions that the books may answer, and then the books create new questions to continue the journey of inquiry.



There are stories behind everyone and everything. What if the fabrics told their own tales, in a fictional “autobiographical” approach? That was the spark of an idea that became this series of books.

The benefits of allowing an inanimate object to speak in first person narrative voice:

  • Engages the imagination of the readers and listeners

  • Exercises the important skill of seeing an issue from different perspectives

  • Provides an “objective” voice on historical events that have two sides to the story.

  • Enfolds otherwise “scary” subjects such as ancient history, science, and foreign languages in the cozy genre of a person’s backstory--something we naturally enjoy sharing in.

  • Allows the story to move quickly down the timeline or across the map

  • Easily brings together diverse subjects of geography, culture, art, warfare, agriculture, etc. into a brief story.



Our founder's younger sister, Esther Sharp, illustrated these stories with a combination of ink and watercolor. Some of the images take up the full page while others serve as more simple punctuation to the description of the narrative. The colors are meant to engage eyes of all ages and allow another level of understanding to accompany the words.