Book Review: In English, Of Course

Here’s a great book about immigration and language learning to add to your kid/s summer reading list! What is a favorite kids' book you’d recommend on similar themes as this one?

In English, Of Course by Josephine Nobisso

3 Things to Love About This Book:
1) Cultivates empathy for classmates who “talk funny”—gives a peek into their experience.
2) Illustrations engage the imagination. 
3) The reviews on the back of the book from famous immigrants are very witty!

In English, Of Course is inspired by the author’s experience of being a child trying to explain her life and experiences accurately through a new language. The story allows any age of reader to connect with the frustration and triumph involved in a task we commonly take for granted.

Suggested Activity After Reading: 
Challenge yourself and your kid/s to speak with someone who has very little language in common with you--either you know less of the language or more of it than they do. (Better still, try both experiences!) Listen carefully to their answers; if it is someone who knows less of the language than you do, try to understand what word they might be seeking and share it with them so they can have it in their vocabulary when they need it again. However, take care to not assume you know what they mean. If you are the someone who knows less of the language than your friend, see if you can learn a new word or two from the person you are speaking with so you can express more of your ideas.

Discussion Starters: 
1) Did something like this ever happen to you, or any of your friends? Tell us about it.
2) Think carefully about the questions you ask people. In the story, the teacher asks Josephine about something he assumes might have been a large part of her world (something she could easily talk about), but in fact it was something she’d hardly experienced. What could the teacher do better next time?

Advice from Joe


Hello all you language learners out there. Meet Joe! Seekna is providing pro bono educational consulting services to Joe's family and their nonprofit (AVM). We think Joe is a great example of how to be a good language learner. He keeps his eyes and ears open to everything around him. When he sees something new, he asks about it and listens carefully to what they tell him. Sometimes it is the name of a color on his mom's clothing or the animal on a product label. Sometimes, like today, it is a pronoun chart in his parents' English learning center. Today, notice the things around you ... especially the things you don't understand. Ask those who know to explain it to you. Listen carefully to what they say.

Born Global: Welcome to the World!


We are very excited to announce that Seekna is creating Born Global--a line of Indian-inspired doll fashion for 18" dolls. Born Global doll clothes help kids learn about their world by fostering curiosity, creativity, and global awareness through play.

Products will go on sale in October 2017. In the meantime, you can follow @bornglobalbyseekna on Instagram or Facebook. Watch as we go from idea to reality!

Riding Out Bravely

bike ride outside kathmandu nepal 2015.jpg

November 2014, Nepal. Our founder finding her confidence on a bike ride outside Katmandu. Do you remember learning to ride a bike and the independence it gave you? Now imagine you know how to ride a bike and even drive a stick shift but you are far from your birthplace, on roads with few rules but their own kind of disorderly order, where even trying to drive a car can be intimidating. Up to this point, our founder was a passenger or a pedestrian in the countries she visited. This is the ride--transportation at its most vulnerable--that gave her the courage to get her own scooter and eventually drive a car. We all start somewhere, wherever we are, and any moment can be the turning point. What could you begin today?