About Seekna Company LLC

Our Name

“Seekna” means “to learn” or “learning” in Hindi, one of the national languages of India. Why does a West Virginian company have an Indian name? Good question!

Our founder is a world-traveler who resides in West Virginia and whose favorite foreign land is India. (She can give you dozens of reasons why this is so, if you ever get the chance to ask her.) 

When she started an educational consulting company in 2015, she decided to name that company after the Hindi word for learning (सीखना seekna) to honor India for all it has taught her. This name also gives a nod toward the fact that Seekna Company was started with a double focus on helping learning happen both in West Virginia and India. (The fact that the words “seek” and “see” are hidden within the word was also an added bonus—for the journey of learning starts with seeking and ends with seeing. And what we see leads us to seek something new, and so the journey of learning is an unending cycle.)

And that is why this little company in Huntington, West Virginia, has this unexpected Hindi name.

Our Mission

Seekna Company’s mission is to help learning happen by helping individuals and organizations engineer new learning experiences or evaluate and improve existing ones. 

Our Beliefs

We believe that people and communities flourish when learning happens—and we love being a part of that! 

  1. We believe that learning can be a thrilling and satisfying experience. 

  2. We believe solutions often lie in currently existing, but unconnected, "dots"—and we enjoy finding and making those connections.

  3. We believe that whichever side of the learning experience you are on--teacher or student—you are enriched and changed by the experience.

  4. We believe that the first step toward helping your students learn is learning about your students.

  5. We believe that big visions and small budgets often go hand-in-hand—so we price our services at an affordable rate (and sometimes offer pro bono services.)

  6. We believe that solutions aren’t one-size-fits-all—each challenge requires a tailor-made solution.

We believe making a big impact is more satisfying than making a big income.

Our Bottom Line

We are a socially-minded business. What that means is that we spend time thinking about more than just how to make an income; we also seek to make a positive impact in whatever we do.

We seek to make a positive environmental impact by:

  • using recycled or recyclable shipping supplies

  • upcycling "misprinted" documents from the office into the mini-booklets that come with each Born Global outfit

  • pursuing a 0% waste policy in our Born Global line of products

We seek to make a positive social impact by:

  • offering our services at reasonable prices so that even people with big visions and small budgets can benefit  professional consultation

  • donating a percent of each Born Global purchase to educational non-profits

  • offering pro bono consulting services to select clients throughout the year