Seekna Company LLC (formerly Seekna Consulting) is a woman-owned and operated company founded by me, Moriah Sharp (with a lot of support from my sisters and mom). Seekna Company exists because I love learning and helping learning happen for others brings me joy!



“Seekna” means “to learn” or “learning” in Hindi, one of the national languages of India. Why does a West Virginian company have an Indian name? That’s a good question. (Learning tip: Keep asking good questions—that’s a crucial part of learning!)

I’m a world-traveler who resides in West Virginia and whose favorite foreign land is India. (There are far too many reasons for that to explain it here. Maybe I’ll do that some other time on my blog.) In honor of all that India has helped me learn, I chose to name this company after the Hindi word for learning (सीखना=seekna).

And that is why this West Virginian company has an unexpected Indian name!



Seekna Company LLC seeks to help learning happen so that lives can be enriched by the joy of learning.



I’m a proud homeschool graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature (’03, from Cornerstone University, Grand Rapids, MI) and a Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Second Language and Intercultural Studies (’11, from Wheaton Graduate School in Wheaton, IL).

Before starting my own company, I enjoyed a variety of fulfilling roles with some great companies and organizations. I taught English literacy and Spoken English classes to refugees and migrants in the US, Academic English to graduate students in Eastern Europe, and English language fluency to NGO staff and social workers in India. I worked in book publishing as both an in-house and freelance copyeditor and proofreader. I worked in a used bookstore. I assisted in an Appalachian handicraft shop.

I’m a type 9 on the Enneagram.

My Sparketypes are Nurturer and Sage.

I’m a “why” person who is interested in the roots of things.

I have been lovingly accused of thinking all of life’s problems can be cured by either lavender or turmeric (or a little of both).

What else would you like to learn about me? Send me your questions.